We take great pride in producing Super Quality Puppies that are even tempered,healthy and true to the breed. We are not commercial breeders and have a relatively small kennel. We feel its important to be able to give each of our Giants a rich, fulfilling and happy life, this means limiting our kennel size. We hold full time job to support our hobby. We financially support our dogs, they do not support us.
Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with high intelligence and medium drive and great temperaments. Our puppies are raised at our home, loved and cared for. They receive a healthy meat, veggie & high quality dry kibble based diet. We pride ourselves on producing sound dogs with good bone and show conformation with the working dog attitude.
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Bred from superior bloodlinesour Giant Schnauzers are from American/ European  Show Champions and working titled dogs registered with the AKC. Through our specialized training programs each puppy is prepared to take their place as a valued and happy member of their forever family.
Castlerocks Giant Schnauzers are committed to responsibly breed and train each puppy.

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