At Castlerock’s Special Assisting Canines
Our dogs must pass temperament testing before being placed in a home. We teach our puppies from birth the value of serving people in all facets of life. Our companion dogs find reward in the desire to please you and your children. We focus on reliable calm behavior and a sense of loyal family guardian behavior. We do not breed for schutzhound titles and extreme high energy levels. We encourage you to have a working dog. We can guide you though training of Search & Rescue, Therapy, Obedience and family companions with good manners.
Are you having trouble finding a trainer near you? Do you want to take your training to the next level of precision and reliability? Castlerock’s Special Assisting Canines will be glad to help you. Our training sessions will teach solid clicker training skills, focusing on positive solutions to training and behavior.

Turn your dog into a well-mannered family pet or your service dog into a reliable partner.
These training sessions covers timing the click, getting your dogs attention and common behaviors like sit, down, stay, come, and walk on a loose leash. We also incorporate on the road and training for common distractions.
Castlerock's Special Assisting Canines